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The FIRST palindromic year since 1991 (Hello, Kuwait!)
The LAST palindromic year until 2112 (Hello, Rush fans!)

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31 December
Archived this page as What Was New 2002. Began new page for 2003, with yet another new format (one that’s a heck of a lot easier to update than this page’s complicated arrangement!)
Late December
Numerous additions and revisions to Links pages
Female | Male | Both Sexes | Reciprocal | Cool
14 December
Added lots of new images to Terrorvision: One of a Kind page.
6 December
Changed the statue images in my illustrated male story On Display. That’s the nice thing about sculpture...if you get bored with one viewpoint you can choose another! Also tweaked and revised the text a bit.
30 November
Added News Items: I Married a Dummy
Added new PS wallpaper for pages that didn’t have any yet
21 November
Added new logo to Jaskri Series Timeline page.
Early November
Continued spring-cleaning (well, it’s spring in Australia, anyway. Although that’s not much of an excuse because I’m Somewhere in England!) Added sites to Female and Male Links pages. By now I probably have one of the most comprehensive set of ASFR Links on the web. I’m quite proud of that.
Late October
General tweaks and revisions, revised and repaired broken links, adjusted layout and added buttons to Links Index page and updated all the other Links pages:
Female | Male | Both Sexes | Reciprocal | Cool
1 ~ 8 October
Shrank logos for female stories Jaskri and the Flotsam and Sondra and Veyy; small textual revisions and HTML cleanup on male stories Naked to the World and The Sculptor’s Model; shrank font, cleaned up HTML and added new logo to FAQ page; updated Links pages and added new logos. My, what a busy bee I’ve been lately! And no, it’s not just avoiding action - I have been working on new stories as well!!!
22 September
Honey, I shrank the logos! Specifically, the title logos for female stories Jaskri and the Maiden, Jaskri’s Child and Vacation in the Park, because I decided the originals were too big and unwieldy. I actually re-created the first two from scratch to improve their appearance.
Replaced Female Stories header with new image, likewise the Female Stories button (which you’ll find amongst the others at the top of the page). I’ve cunningly given the new files the same names as the old ones, so all I had to do was upload the new images under the old names and not have to alter the pages they appeared on...all clear?!)

Began redesigning all of the administrative (i.e., non-story) pages on this site, including this one, using navigation buttons and new header layouts. I really hope someone, somewhere appreciates all this effort. I mean, I could just use plain text on every page, but I happen to think the place should look a bit stylish, otherwise what’s the point of trying?......

Added unifying series logos to the Jaskri and Flotsam stories.
(Jaskri Series logo | Flotsam Series logo)
18 August
Re-redesigned Portal page using navigation buttons. At last I’ve got the layout scroll-free and relatively uncluttered, at the expense of making the site logo slightly smaller
8 August
Redesigned Portal page to simplify navigation.
28 July
New Male story: The Here and Now (3,300 words, rated PG)
14 June
Sondra and Veyy is finally complete!!! (19,100 words, rated R)
Now at last I can get some sleep!!!
29 May
2nd Anniversary! To celebrate, Sondra and Veyy will be completed soon! Yes, I was hoping to have it finished by now, but as usual it’s taken me longer than expected. Sigh.
10 May
Updated Homepage with new background, banner and Introduction
8 May
Updated Preview of Female Story Sondra and Veyy...another story that’s taking forever to complete, but just hang in there....
1 May
“Good news, everyone!” This site is now part of The New ASFR Webring! You’ll find the Ringbox on the Freeserve site Portal

Added article The Library of Frozen Men to Male Story Index

Added internal month anchors to this page
28 April
Added News Item: I’m Dating a Model to Female Story Index
22 April
Added new images to Harry Bates’ Pandora page on the Art Gallery site
17 March
Added newly found “living statue of the Three Graces” image at end of Female story Graces.
(Link to image alone)
10 March
Added logos to Margaret St. Clair’s Thirsty God and Kipling and Ketrin and Mowgli and Me article.
3 March
New Female Story (and about time too!): Jaskri and the Flotsam (22,700 words, rated R). When a girl with a rare illness asks the Maiden statue for help, she finds her destiny intertwined with the living Flotsam who through a strange twist of fate are doomed to spend eternity in paralysed bondage....
19 February
New “definitive“ revisions, new logo and new illuminated drop caps added to Male story The Sculptor’s Model. Also if you follow that link you’ll discover one example of the revisions I’ve made to all the warning notices linked to the more explicit stories.
10 February
Further revisions to Kipling and Ketrin and Mowgli and Me page, including some information about another wild boy novel that I happened to find.

Incidentally, do you notice anything about the raised capitals on that page? Just asking.
5 February
Redesigned Flotsam and Jaskri Series Indices with new logos and images.
3 February
Redesigned Female and Male Stories Indices with new logos and images. Redesigned the story page headers to reflect the change and also redesigned the headers on the general pages - including this one!
31 January
Newly redesigned portal...note the repositioned and redesigned Pygmalion Syndrome logo, which can be changed and updated at my merest whim!
15 - 26 January
Added title logos to all the remaining stories that didn’t have them.

Some of you may have noticed that the copyright notice on the Female and Male story pages still reads “All stories are copyright 1999 - 2001 by Leem”, and not “1999 - 2002”. Well, that’s because I haven’t actually completed any new stories this year!

But even though it may not look it, the engines are still going full tilt below the waterline and it looks as if I may miss the iceberg after all.

No, wait a minute, I seem to have gone slightly astray there. What I mean is that I am working hard on new stories which hopefully will begin to blossom and bear fruit in the spring.

(Oh, no, not more mangled metaphors....)
12 January
Added logo to Female story Pleasure Trap.
11 January
Added logo, background and “brochure” image to Female story The Chosen.
2 January
Redesigned site logos to give the images transparent backgrounds.
1 January
Happy New Year to all my faithful readers.

2001 wasn’t what we expected.
Why couldn’t it have turned out like Kubrick directed?

Reformatted What’s New page for 2002. Previous entries moved to What Was New in 2001 page.

Female stories coming soon: two new entries in the Jaskri series: Jaskri and the Flotsam, a crossover with the Flotsam series; and Sondra and Veyy, which takes place several centuries after the events of Jaskri and the Maiden. Also in a lighter vein, there’s Cendriller (no preview yet), a compound-fractured fairy tale loosely based on Cinderella, and featuring an incompetent fairy godmother whose spells spell chaos for Cendriller and her not-so-pretty stepsisters.

For male petriphiles, the long-elusive Ketrin Part Four is slowly coming along, and in the meantime Parts One, Two and Three are still available for inspection.

Keep watching this space in 2002. I can guarantee it’s going to be a whole new year!

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