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The Pygmalion Syndrome Art & Stuff
This is where I’ll be posting rare comics and anything else I discover that’s of statuephile interest, especially if it may be hard to find elsewhere. If you know of anything that should be included here, please let me know.


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Taral Wayne: Frozen Fur and Flesh Page 1 ; Page 2
Blowed Up Good | Li’l Abner: The Blue Girl | Mannequin of Murder
Naga: Never Take Your Apprentice for Granite
The Strange Fate of the Statue Maker | Tokyo Crazy Paradise: Tsukasa frozen

Idle Minds (Now complete!) | Medusa Realm - Comic Books

Taral Wayne: Frozen Fur and Flesh  Taral Wayne: Frozen Fur and Flesh
Page 1: Stone | Page 2: Metal & Misc

2 pages and numerous sub-pages containing well over 100 images and 3 prose stories (and counting...)
Images and stories feature varying degrees of nudity and/or sexual references

I’m very pleased to present, for the first time all in one location and in a few cases for the first time on line, a selection of Canadian artist Taral Wayne’s artwork featuring human and anthropomorphic characters frozen or immobilised by various means. Also a few wrapped or encased images of ‘associational interest’. The pages are organised into categories. Many thanks to Taral for his invaluable help and advice in preparing these pages.
Stay tuned for August’s big 2nd anniversary update, featuring more than 30 brand new images!
Blowed Up Good Blowed Up Good
4-page strip
Explicit nudity and sexual references

There’s always been a strong crossover between ASFR and superhero comics, and here’s a superhero parody that I found ages ago in which the villain teaches our flexible heroine a new meaning for the word “inflation”! Unfortunately I don’t remember where I found this strip, so if anyone could supply creator/artist details I’d be grateful.
Li'l Abner: The Blue Girl Li’l Abner: The Blue Girl
6-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

When Sandra Deepfreeze wants to make a name for herself in Hollywood she discovers that the only way she can get into the good old “Hew Hess Hay” without any money is to be frozen into a statue of blue ice so she can be shipped as a work of art! What’s a poor Lower Slobbovian girl to do?
Mannequin of Murder Mannequin of Murder
6-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

Remember those incredibly corny horror comics of the 1950s? In this story a mannequin designer who is told that his work isn’t realistic enough decides to invent a serum that will make real mannequins! Unfortunately (for him and us) they don’t stay mannequins for long...
Never Take for Granite Naga: Never Take
Your Apprentice for Granite

6-page strip
Explicit nudity and sexual references

Originally posted on the the Naga’s Den site, here’s Naga’s first Robin and Cindy Comic and first ADULTS ONLY story. When a witch’s apprentice is eating her out of house and home, how can she possibly balance the budget? Why, by turning her apprentice into an object and selling her, of course! Only it might not be that simple...
Good news, everyone! I have now acquired the original art for this strip thanks to Darin’s moving sale, which has enabled me to re-scan it and post it at higher resolution. Now you can actually read the small-print gags!
Nancy and the Statues NEW: Nancy and the Statues
7-page strip
No nudity or sexual references (it’s a kids’s strip, you perv!)

Nancy has a strange adventure involving a creepy old house with a door in the fireplace, a bunch of small, hairy men, and a museum full of statues, which she looks set to become a permanent part of.
Statue Maker The Strange Fate of the Statue Maker
5 6-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

Another enjoyably daft horror story. Mad scientist Luther Benedict accidentally invents a machine that turns flesh to solid stone and decides to use it on a real model! Unfortunately it doesn’t work out at all the way he plans. The wonderful thing about this story is that the plot makes absolutely no sense whatever!
Note: I didn’t realise until recently that the story was missing the page before last. Taral Wayne kindly supplied me with a copy of the missing page, although the quality isn’t as sharp as the rest. It doesn’t make a whole lot more sense with the page restored, but at least it’s complete now. As a bonus, I’ve also managed to find a colour version of page 1 for your edification and enjoyment.
Tokyo Crazy Paradise: Tsukasa frozen Tokyo Crazy Paradise: Tsukasa frozen
16-page manga excerpt
Moderate nudity, no sexual references

Tsukasa was raised as a boy, but there’s no way she can hide her true gender when she is placed on display as a living representation of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus!
She’s just one of several living works of art that are due to be auctioned off to some rich people who apparently have no qualms about letting human beings get turned into helpless objects as long as they’re good-looking. Hey, it works for me!
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Idle Minds Idle Minds
Ongoing Completed strip (30+ pages)
No nudity or sexual references

At last the wait is over. Idle Minds is a comic by Ian Samson about a girl who is turned into a statue so she can spy on an evil dictator. But will she be able to stay sane while her mind is locked in a stone body? I have to admit, the ending was a bit unexpected (and not quite how I would have written it), but it does work perfectly in context.
Medusa Realm - Comic Books Medusa Realm - Comic Books
Some images feature mild to explicit nudity and/or sexual references

The Medusa Realm’s comic art archive, featuring
*Original comic art by CMQ
*Various comic book scans
*The Statue-Lover’s Guide to Comics (2002 vintage).

Unfortunately there are numerous missing files, but on the whole it’s still a very useful resource.
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