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31st: Kicked the old year out the window and archived this page as What Was New 2003. Launched the new What’s New page tomorrow.

17th: revised layout of navigation buttons on Introduction, FAQ and Links Index, Female Links, Male Links, Both Sexes Links, Reciprocal Links and Cool Links pages. That only leaves this page to do, and that’ll be in the new year when the page format gets its annual makeover.

Replaced two of the Dell Comics images on Kipling and Ketrin and Mowgli and Me page with better versions

23rd: NEW MALE STORY: Ketrin Part Five. This is it, guys: Ketrin is finally naked and frozen. Bet you thought I was never going to get there. (Me too.) The previous instalment took two years to complete. This time around it’s only taken six months, but I’ve still had to hold over some scenes to the next story and end this one on a cliffhanger.

2nd: changed layout of Art Gallery Index page to a more compact format.

Mid-September: added some images and links to various Art Gallery pages

19th: Revisions to Jean-Antoine Marie Idrac page: added new image, reduced size of thumbnails, increased size of one big image and added two new big images.

JULY 2003
17th: Added new Art page for Bertel Thorvaldsen, with mostly male statues so far. The text is just a stub right now, but I’ll add some biographical Possibly some additional images as well.

5th: Good news, everyone! After literally some time in preparation, the Pygmalion Syndrome now has its own domain...WWW.P-SYND.COM! The first thing you’ll notice about the new address is that the Art Gallery is now back on the same server, so direct links between stories and art pages will hopefully work better. And I now have lots more space so I can expand the Gallery, which was completely full at its old site. Stay tuned for more developments as they develop.

JUNE 2003
Mid-June: New Portal layout and bigger main logo; reformats on various pages; new page header Pygmalion Syndrome logo (see top left of this page).

MAY 2003
29th: At long, long last, I am proud to announce the completion of my NEW MALE STORY: Ketrin Part Four (14,500 words, rated PG). This story has taken two years to complete, which works out to an average of 19.9 words per day.

APRIL 2003
23rd: Happy 439th birthday, William Shakespeare!
NEW FEMALE STORY: Flotsam: The New Goddess (9,500 words, rated X).

8th: NON-SMOKING POLICY PROVES CONTROVERSIAL. Despite being introduced with the best of intentions, this site’s non-smoking policy has aroused some negative comment in only its first week from bleeding heart liberals individuals concerned about the erosion of civil liberties. This might seem a little ironic given that the site is about people losing the liberty of movement, but there it is. One typical correspondent (indeed, after reading his e-mail that was my very word: “typical!”) noted that he enjoyed smoking after reading my stories, or better still, instead of reading them, and complained that I had no right to deprive him of this simple pleasure. Faced with such determined opposition it seems I may be forced to reintroduce smoking zones, at least in limited areas of the site. Please stand by for further details.

1st: Instituted a NON SMOKING policy throughout this website. It’s for your own good, people.

MARCH 2003
19th: Changed header logos for Male and Female Stories.
Male Stories Logo | Female Stories Logo.

Early March: Added new Michael Moorcock entry to Male article The Library of Frozen Men, and made some small format changes to the page while I was about it.

Added two black and white images to Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux page on the Art Gallery site. I’m not kidding, people, it really is almost full - only 300k of space left now. Enough to squeeze in a couple more images I just acquired and that’s it. So once again I ask: does anyone think I should pay for more space?! Please reply.

Mid-February: Revised page formats so that all the title logos of non-series stories are now at the top right-hand corner next to the Male or Female stories logos. In other words, the titles are now in exactly the right place to get covered up by the pop-up ads on the Geocities site. Wasn’t that clever of me?!

26th: Added Frederick William Macmonnies page to Art Gallery.
The Gallery is now running short of space. Once again I have to decide whether I should start a second Gallery site at a new host, or bite the bullet and pay for access. Any thoughts? Anybody?

24th: Major revisions and additions to male story Ketrin Part Three (now 8,000 words - more than 2,500 longer than the original version!! - rated PG)
These revisions are in preparation for Ketrin Part Four, which has been “coming soon” since (*gulp*) May 2001!!!

6th: New NON-STATUEPHILE male story: The Tale of Avo and Ivo (2,500 words, rated R). This is a bit of a departure for me. It’s basically just a smutty joke that I came up with after eating too much sugar. I still can’t believe I had the nerve to write the damn thing, but there it is in front of me in black and white!

5th: I’ve finally discovered where the Greyarchive (and its affiliated sites) moved to! NOTE: securtiy measures on the site’s new address might cause problems with the above link. If so try cutting and pasting the URL: <>.) As you may know, that’s a story archive I’ve been sending my stuff to, and some of the responses I’ve got as a result are posted on my own story pages as “Unsolicited Testimonals”, with a reciprocal link to the Greyarchive site. Well, now the address has changed, I’ve got to update all the reciprocal links on those pages, and until I do they’ll be obsolete. Sorry about that. I do try to keep on top of things, but... (sigh)

1st: Happy New Year to all my faithful readers, assuming I still have any. Once again I’ve given the What’s New page a new year makeover with a format thatís a heck of a lot easier to update than last year’s complicated arrangement (yesterday’s format is today’s doormat). Also this time around I’ve included the last quarter of last year for the sake of continuity.
An apology: last January 1st I announced a story in progress:

Also in a lighter vein, there’s Cendriller (no preview yet), a compound-fractured fairy tale loosely based on Cinderella, and featuring an incompetent fairy godmother whose spells spell chaos for Cendriller and her not-so-pretty stepsisters.
Long-time fans will know how slow I can be sometimes, but this takes the biscuit even for me. The story does exist, in very incomplete form, and one of these years I may even get around to finishing it.

Late December: Numerous additions and revisions to Links pages
Female | Male | Both Sexes | Reciprocal | Cool

14th: Added lots of new images to Terrorvision: One of a Kind page.

6th: Changed the statue images in my illustrated male story On Display. That’s the nice thing about sculpture...if you get bored with one viewpoint you can choose another! Also tweaked and revised the text a bit.

30th: Added News Items: I Married a Dummy
Added new PS wallpaper for pages that didn’t have any yet

21st: Added new logo to Jaskri Series Timeline page.

Early November: Continued spring-cleaning (well, it’s spring in Australia, anyway. Although that’s not much of an excuse because I’m Somewhere in England!) Added sites to Female and Male Links pages. By now I probably have one of the most comprehensive set of ASFR Links on the web. I’m quite proud of that.

Late October: General tweaks and revisions, revised and repaired broken links, adjusted layout and added buttons to Links Index page and updated all the other Links pages:
Female | Male | Both Sexes | Reciprocal | Cool

1st - 8th: Shrank logos for female stories Jaskri and the Flotsam and Sondra and Veyy; small textual revisions and HTML cleanup on male stories Naked to the World and The Sculptor’s Model; shrank font, cleaned up HTML and added new logo to FAQ page; updated Links pages and added new logos. My, what a busy bee I’ve been lately! And no, it’s not just avoiding action - I have been working on new stories as well!!!




NOTE: Links may be obsolete.


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LATE 2002

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