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are no longer updated and may be obsolete.

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24 DECEMBER: NEW MALE STORY: Ketrin Part Eight living statue/mannequin (14,800 words, R). I’ve sweated blood on this instalment, people, so I really want to know what you think about it.

10 DECEMBER: OTHER STUFF: Updated Taral Wayne pages. The pages are now organised into categories - Stone, Metal and Miscellaneous - with additional notes and comments and cross-references to other Taral Wayne artwork. There’s even a short story - The Case of the Stoned Client solid statue (980 words, mostly G)!


14 OCTOBER: MALE STORIES: Once again Brian comes through, with an (also NSFW) illustration for Trophy living statue/mannequin. Thanks also for including so many of my stories in the Rent-a-Dude site’s Favorite ASFR Stories list. (By no coincidence, they're all the ones he's illustrated!)

9 OCTOBER: MALE STORIES: Thanks yet again to Brian for sending me his (NSFW) illustration for Horny God living statue/mannequin.It’s always nice to feel appreciated.


29 SEPTEMBER: NEW MALE STORY: Horny God living statue/mannequin (9,000 words, R). Not just a gender-reversed version of Horny Goddess living statue/mannequin, but a complete rewrite using the same plot.

16 SEPTEMBER: SITE DEVELOPMENT: Added Never Take Your Apprentice for Granite solid statue by Naga, with permission, to Other Stuff page.

13 SEPTEMBER: SITE DEVELOPMENT: Added Blowed Up Good living statue/mannequin to Other Stuff page.


24 AUGUST: SITE DEVELOPMENT: Well, in case you missed reading about it on the front page, the new Other Stuff section is now up and running, featuring several interesting comic books with freeze scenes as well as something I like to call Taral Wayne’s Frozen Fur and Flesh. Having been some days in preparation, as somebody or other once said, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

20 AUGUST: SITE DEVELOPMENT: I’m currently working on a new section to be called Other Stuff, where I can post various comics and other items I’ve found that are of statuephile interest. Thanks to a recent hosting upgrade I now have plenty of space to put it in. The most exciting bit of news from my point of view is that Taral Wayne has given me the green amber light to post his statuephile images on this site. I happen to think Taral is one of the most gifted cartoonists I’ve ever seen and the fact that his work includes furry freezes is just the sweet marble icing on the cake. Hopefully there’ll be further news in mere days from now!

19 AUGUST: MALE STORIES: THREE NEW ILLUSTRATIONS by Brian 56321 for the story Another Day solid statue. Completely spontaneous and unsolicited and greatly appreciated. I immediately added thumbnails linking to the images and adapted one of them for the story’s logo. Thanks, Brian.

JUNE 2007

16 JUNE: NEW MALE STORY: Another Day solid statue (900 words, R).

MAY 2007

26 MAY: NEW ART PAGE (MALE SUBJECT): Charles Jean Marie Degeorge. Degeorge’s Youth of Arisotle is a good subject to inspire stories based on the “frozen in a chair” sub-genre.

APRIL 2007

26 APRIL: CHANGE TO COPYRIGHT NOTICES on Male and Female Story Indices.
Copyright notice now includes the words: “Stories may be reposted provided that 1) Leem is credited as author and that 2) no changes are made without the author’s permission.”

12 APRIL: NEW MALE STORY: Being solid statue (3,500 words, PG).

4 APRIL: NEW FEMALE STORY: Flora and Fauna living statue/mannequin (5,600 words, PG).


22 FEBRUARY: SITE TRIVIA: Added a slightly belated Chinese New Year logo. Just in case it isn’t clear, those round red things are Chinese lanterns, and they’re hanging on wires from what might be considered undignified places. Yes, I know the perspective isn’t quite right. What do you expect, Rembrandt?

1 FEBRUARY: SITE NEWS: Posted the traditional Valentine’s Day message in the site logo. It’s so traditional I bet you didn’t even realise it was a tradition.

In case you find it a bit hard to decipher, it reads:

Oh, say you’ll be my Valentine
’Tis you that I truly adore
Just say the word and you’ll be mine
Unmoving as stone evermore!


MID- JANUARY: ART GALLERY (male subjects): Added images to the Cellini and Moulin pages.

10 JANUARY: SITE NEWS: Updated LINKS page and tweaked the format a bit.
The only major change to the lineup, apart from The Medusa Chronicles going offline, is that Gorgon Art and The Hub City Project haven’t updated in over a year and are now in the COBWEBSITES category. Sad but not entirely unexpected. Another two bites the dust.

1 JANUARY: Archived 2006 page here.

New year resolutions:

Now let’s see how many of them I can break this year.......


23 NOVEMBER: LIVING DOLL HOUSE: I’ve finally found and re-inserted the header image for the Salon des Living Dolls page. About the only thing that’d missing now is the original Blade Runner still, but everything else is more or less as it originally appeared.

22 NOVEMBER: NEW MALE STORY: Ketrin Part Seven living statue/mannequin. After another unconscionable 18-month gap comes (sic) the latest thrilling instalment in the Ketrin saga living statue/mannequin, bringing the total to something like 73,000 words. I’ve also altered the background colour of the Ketrin pages, just to give them a slightly more jungley feel.

3 NOVEMBER: SITE NEWS: Made some revisions to the Portal design to try and reduce clutter. In the process I’ve removed a few link buttons. I might replace them with text links, or not... I haven’t updated the Introduction page for ages, and the FAQ page is just gathering dust. I don’t think it would do the site any harm if I just retired them altogether. Stay tuned.

2 NOVEMBER: SITE NEWS: has put a link to this site on its front page, and my stats have taken a big jump upward as a result. It remains to be seen whether the increase in traffic will be permanent, but I’m always grateful for a link. Thanks, guys.


22 OCTOBER: NEW MALE STORY: Sarmin’s Garden living statue/mannequin. Just a little something I put together while not getting around to writing Ketrin Part Seven living statue/mannequin.......

5 OCTOBER: SITE NEWS: Waaaah! My PageRank’s gone down from 4 to 3! Quick, hurry up and link to me so my score goes up again!!!

3 OCTOBER: ART GALLERY (male subjects): rearranged the haphazard collection of images on the Jean Antoine (Antonin) Marie Idrac page into a virtual walk around the statue, adding three images by Anonymous Benefactor.

SUMMARY of 2006
Full 2006 page

7 new stories (total 47).
NOVEMBER: Finalised Living Doll House pages.
AUGUST - OCTOBER: Added images and improvements to various Art Gallery pages.
JULY: Almost had nervous breakdown trying to resolve a dispute over hosting payments.
APRIL: Began re-hosting EHY’s All Under Control and ASFR Collections sites.
MARCH: General adjustments to Portal and site design.

SUMMARY of 2005
Full 2005 page

5 new stories (total 40).
DECEMBER: Began hosting Living Doll House legacy site.
Added first new Art Gallery page in a couple of years: Cellini’s Perseus.

JUNE: My first ever pieces of fan art by Brian56321, starting with this piece for Mist in Stone solid statue.
MAY: The site’s 5th Anniversary came. And went. Thanks a bunch, fans.
MARCH: Launched Blogmalion as a proper blog, although admittedly I haven’t been as active at updating it as I’d have liked. Also launched Pygmalion Group (ditto).

SUMMARY of 2004
Full 2004 page

8 new stories (total 35).
DECEMBER: Posted Cendriller, a mere 35 months after first announcing it.
JULY: Began converting entire site to CSS.
JUNE: Short-lived feature "Blogmalion", later relaunched as a proper blog.

SUMMARY of 2003
Full 2003 page

3 new stories (total 27) - not counting Avo & Ivo, which was incorporated into Ketrin Part Five living statue/mannequin.
JULY: Launched domain. The additional webspace allowed me to move the Art Gallery back onto main site.
MAY: Long-awaited appearance of Ketrin Part Four living statue/mannequin (only two years late!).
MARCH: Art Gallery running out of space.

SUMMARY of 2002
Full 2002 page

3 new stories (total 24).
SEPTEMBER: Added navigation buttons.
MAY: Joined The New ASFR Webring (now obsolete)
New article: The Library of Frozen Men.

JANUARY: Announced forthcoming story Cendriller solid statue. Unfortunately this took little longer than expected to complete.

SUMMARY of 2001
Full 2001 page

7 new stories (total 21).
SEPTEMBER: 9/11 tribute.
AUGUST: Moved Art Gallery to new server (now obsolete).

SUMMARY of 2000
Full 2000 page

5 new stories (total 14).
DECEMBER: Separate Male and Female story indices.
NOVEMBER: Launched Geocities mirror site (now obsolete).
AUGUST: Began Ketrin series living statue/mannequin.
JUNE - JULY: Site began appearing on search engines.
MAY: Launched site with 9 stories.

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